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Group Account Service

E-mail: Arlene@morganbenefits.com

Phone: 216.503.4147

Year Started: 2006


My favorite place in the world is the east porch of my mother's house on the farm where I grew up. I loved coming out on summer mornings and soaking in the sun. I am pictured here with Jonah on his first day of kindergarten in August 2010. He is my youngest of 5 children-one daughter and four sons. I have a home now on this same farm and love spending time there with my family and my 6 siblings and their families, who are all in the area. My mom is still pouring out love and security for us from that same kitchen door.

How does this have any bearing on the health insurance business and what I do at Morgan Benefits? A LOT! I learned how to work on this farm and to take joy in one's work. My dad was a perfectionist and he aimed to please his customers in whatever he did. We were taught the importance of family and caring for each other.

Working at Morgan Benefits gives me the same opportunities - to have lots of great people around me, to meet entrepreneurs, owners and business managers, and to work with others doing the same thing as I do - client service. Whether I'm adding new babies to plans, or a new spouse, or helping someone obtain a prescription, there's that satisfaction which comes from helping others.

My brother-in-law, Bill Morgan, has set this same example at Morgan Benefits. I am privileged to be part of his family and his business, and part of the wonderful team of people he has brought together. I am happy to say I love my job here.

Lastly, and ultimately, all the credit goes to God. He has given me everything I've mentioned in the above paragraphs. I truly believe the words of Jesus when He said "For just as the branch cannot bear any fruit unless it shares the life of the vine, so you can produce nothing unless you go on growing in me. I am the vine itself, you are the branches. It is the man who shares my life and whose life I share who proves fruitful. For the plain fact is that apart from me you can do nothing at all." John 15:5.





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